How do we change the print resolutions using The RPCS?

By the printer resolution, we mean the color dots per inch. High resolution means smaller dots and better print quality. The higher printer resolution means more ink and toner. There are various methods how you can change the printer settings. One of these is through the RPCS driver.

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In case you cannot change the settings yourself, then you have the option to connect with us. We have provided the Ricoh Printer Support Phone Number where you can talk to our technical engineers. We will answer your call and explain a simple solution.

  • Try these measures to change the resolution of a Ricoh printer.
  • Go to the taskbar, and press the start button.
  • After that, you have to choose the control panel from the options.
  • Next, you have to choose the option of Printer and other hardware.
  • Select the Printers and Faxes tab.
  • It will display a list of an available printer.
  • You have to press right click on the Ricoh printer.
  • Choose the Printer Preferences option after that

For multi-tab view

  • Move to the Print Quality tab if you have to use a Multi-tab view.
  • Next, you should select the options for User settings.
  • Click the Change User Settings.
  • You will then see the resolution list.
  • Select the one you desire to apply and click OK.

Custom Setting view

  • Choose the Print Quality tab.
  • Move to the user settings and click the Change User Settings option as explained above.

You must try these actions if you desire to modify the Ricoh Printer settings. On the off chance that you cannot execute these actions or faced any complication through the procedure, you always have the option to chat with us at the Ricoh Printer Helpline Number  1 866-662-5999 Toll-Free. You can contact us via phone, text, or email; we are available on all the social modes.

Why has My Ricoh Printer Stopped Printing?

All complications in mechanical devices are a result of several incorrect configurations and other technical problems. There are some reasons for the Ricoh printer, not printing issues. We should locate the exact cause to take the correct troubleshooting measures. “Ricoh Printer Technical Support has enlisted some reasons which obstruct the device from printing.

Fundamental reasons for a printer not working

  1. One of the reasons may be that the power cords are faulty or not connected properly.
  2. Look for the Alert Lights – Look for the error message if such light is flashing on the device.
  3. Take out the paper tray and ensure it is not empty.
  4. Try to print a configuration page and contact your service provider if it does not print this page.
  5. Also, look for the interface cable and ensure that it is not faulty and correctly connected to the printer and the computer.
  6. The data Indicator should be blinking or flashing – it is an indicator that the printer is getting the data from the computer. If this light is not blinking, then you should know that the printer is not getting the command and that the problem lies in the computer.
  7. Check for the signal strength in the Wireless printers – find out the problem which is affecting the Wireless LAN Signal Strength. Try to shift the devices to a place with the better signal strength.
  8. Bluetooth connection is also a reason which might affect the signal.

If you have located the problem, then you should Contact Ricoh Printer Customer Support Number USA 1 866-662-5999 to learn the troubleshooting process. The experts are 24*7 ready to listen to your distress and provide solutions to comfort their customers. You can ping them at any hour of the day and connect with them on either media including the phone, text, web chat or email. They are available on all the platforms.