How to Attach a Ricoh Printer Copier to a Computer Using USB Cable?

Ricoh printers provide the excellent quality print to its users. These are used at a large scale by the users. In order to attain the best response of the customers, Ricoh tries to update its features and provides the different version of it to the users. You can connect this printer using a USB cable. In order to gain easy experience with your copier and ensure compatibility with your operating system, you can download the latest driver from the manufacturer’s support. This printer com along with the network compatibility and they can be shared on your home network from the initially connected computer. We will tell you how you can connect your printer to your computer using USB. If you do not get these steps, then do not hesitate to contact Ricoh Printer customer support Number.

Follow these steps to connect Ricoh printer copier to your computer using USB cable:

  • Search Ricoh download page in your internet web-browser.
  • Now, you have to write the name of your printer.
  • Select your model using the drop-down menu.
  • Select your printer by clicking on its name in the driver section for downloading the set-up file.
  • Launch the installation file.
  • Connect the printer by plugging it into the computer using the USB cable.
  • Now, you are done.

You can connect your printer easily by using the above steps. There are no hard steps that you cannot follow or use. But still, any problem occurs while connecting your printer you can call us. Your all hindrances and glitches will be handled by professionals. We have a team of experts who will help you.

How to contact us?

The way to connect with us is to make a call Ricoh Customer Support Number 1866-662-5999. We provide the services 24*7 hours. We also provide web chats. We try to help you in the best possible ways. So connect with Ricoh customer service Number without hesitation.



How to setup the Ricoh Laser printer?

The new users often find it difficult to set up their printer and configure to avoid compatibility issues with the computer, or operating system with which it is connected. If you too have purchased the Ricoh printer and having the same problem, then you can dial the Ricoh Printer Support Phone Number 1866-662-5999 to get the professional guidance. Although you can set up the device after reading the manuals which you have received with the machine, you can contact us if you do not understand the procedure.  People are required to install the printer drivers and software. Almost, everything is done after you have installed the software. Below we have explained the method of installing the printer software.

Below is the method to install the software

  • You have to place in the Easy Installer CD that you have for with the Machine
  • You will then notice the link for “setup.exe”
  • You have to click on this link to start the installation process
  • You can locate the software from the website as well
  • On the next screen, you will have to type your product number
  • Provide the service tag and click on the Drivers Tab
  • Move to the Applications and find out your driver from there.

Do this, if you cannot set up your printer after installing the drivers

  • Carefully check the printer screen
  • Note the error code of it displays any
  • Print a printer settings page
  • Ensure that you have attached the wireless network
  • Check and review the driver port settings
  • Check the Print Queue status
  • Print a test page once again
  • Reinstall the software

Try these measures or call on the “Ricoh Printer Toll-Free Number to talk to the Printer experts. They will explain the measures in straightforward steps. You can connect with us through phone, text or email. We are 24/7 available for customer services.

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How do we cancel a Print job from the Ricoh printer connected with the windows computer?

There are many instances when we need to pause or delete the ongoing print job on the printer. You can remove some general problems from the any of the printers.

We provide support for the Ricoh printers. You can dial the “Ricoh Printer Support Phone Number” 1866-662-5999 if you require technical support from the professional engineers. Below we have explained the measures to cancel the print job from the Ricoh printers.

Try below solutions to and cancel the print job

  • First of all, you have to move to the system tray and locate the Ricoh icon
  • Right click on the Ricoh printer and select on the remaining jobs option
  • Move to the Document menu, and choose the cancel option from there
  • Click yes when you see the confirmation notification
  • You will see the deleting notification in the printer status
  • You will not be able to delete the print jobs in the events that the information has already been sent
  • You will then have to move  to the control panel from the start option
  • Choose the tab named performance and maintenance
  • Select the Administrator tools from the options
  • Press the double-click on the services icon
  • You will then have to right-click on the option of Print Spooler and choose to stop
  • Move to the Windows from C-drive and choose system 32 option
  • Click on the option spool from there
  • Next, you have to double-click on the printers
  • Choose the edit option and click when you see select all
  • Open the file menu and choose Delete
  • Click yes and press right-click on the Print Spooler and finally click on start

These steps are relevant to delete or cancel the print jobs from the Ricoh printers. In case, you cannot perform these measures, then you have the option to connect with us at the Ricoh Printer helpline number, and learn the further resolutions of this, or any other problem arising in the Ricoh printers.

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How do I feed the Custom Size Paper from the bypass tray?

You can try the following steps to feed the custom size paper from the bypass tray in the Ricoh printers. The method is a little complicated, but we have explained it in simple steps. You can try the below solution or dial the “Ricoh Printer phone Number”. Our technical team will answer your calls and suggest effective solutions for you.

Perform the following measures to feed custom size sheets

  1. You will have to press the start button from your keyboard
  2. Select the Printers and Faxes tab from the list of programs
  3. It will display a list of printers and you have to right-click on the Ricoh Printer
  4. Select the option of Printing Preferences and expand the tab for Printer Configuration
  5. Choose the option Custom Paper Sizes
  6. Open the Custom Settings View and move to the tab for Print Settings
  7. Select the Printer Configuration option from the there and click on the Custom Paper Sizes
  8. Open the Size box and edit it to the custom size
  9. Type the value for the Long Edge and Short Edge and click on the Paper position in tray option
  10. You will have to choose the setup tab after entering the values
  11. Select the Original Size, Paper source tray and paper type from this page and click ok to save the settings.

Above are the steps you can take to feed the custom size paper in the bypass tray in the Ricoh Printers. If you desire to learn more resolutions related to the Ricoh printer, then you can talk to us. We provide complete support for all the printer models including the laser, color, mono, etc. You have to call on the Ricoh Printer Support Phone Number 1866-662-5999 to learn the troubleshooting solutions to eliminate general errors from the Ricoh printers.